Virtual Internationalization Program (VIP)

VIP Cultural Competencies Certificate (Virtual)


Earn a Certificate in Cultural Competency from the University of Nicosia Virtually.

Build your competencies in intercultural communication and develop an understanding of European Cultures as well as United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) against the backdrop of Cyprus - the 12,000 year-old European Union Member State whose thousands of years of history and diverse civilisations, inhabitants and conquerors have left their mark on culture, cuisine, language, architecture, institutions and society.


Why are Cultural Competencies Important?

Preparing to enter a global workforce, being prepared to collaborate with international and multicultural teams and colleagues, and being equipped with the ability to interact with and communicate across cultures is a major advantage.


Topics Covered over 10-12 sessions during Fall 2020:

  • Understanding Cultural Competence
  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • European Cultures
  • The History, People and Culture of Cyprus
  • Culinary Culture: Cyprus Meze, including a Cooking Demonstration
  • 6000 Years of Viticulture in Cyprus: From Ancient to Modern Times
  • Arts and Culture
  • UN SDGs: Good Health & Well-Being - The Mediterranean Diet’s Contribution
  • UN SDG: Gender Equality - Culture and Gender Relations/Sexuality
  • UN SDG: Reduced Inequalities - Ageing, Immigrants/Political Refugees, LGTBQIIA+, Women
  • UN SDG: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions - the role of Non-Governmental Organizations and the Cyprus example
  • Enhance Global and Intercultural Competencies


Program Fee: $499

Dates: September 28 - December 18, 2020