University of Westminster - London, England


The University of Westminster is one of the largest universities in the UK with about 23,000 students, and offers a wide portfolio of traditional and cutting edge courses; from English literature, law, biomedical sciences, and architecture, to acupuncture, e-commerce, sports science, business, tourism and urban

development, fashion, film, photography, media, and music. The university has been leading in the development of emerging technologies and modern professional practice for more than 160 years, while its reputation as a World Class provider of education for international students was endorsed when Westminster won the Queen's award for Enterprise in International trade in 2000 and again in 2005.

The University of Westminster has three sites situated in the West End of London and one at a Greenfield site in Harrow. Each site has a dedicated set of subjects and is a bustling center of learning with its own character.

The Regent site is the historic center of the University and houses lectures of Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences (including Sociology, Psychology, History and Political Sciences), and Languages (including English language and literature).

The Marylebone Road site hosts the University's Central London Business School (Westminster Business School), and the School of Architecture and the Built Environment.

The Cavendish site is the University's Science Campus and houses the teaching for courses in Biosciences, Electronic Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science and Complementary Medicine.

The Harrow site is home to the University's School of Media, Arts and Design, the Harrow site of the Westminster Business School and the Harrow site of the School of Electronics and Computer Science.

 Business Connections

Being in the center of the capital means that Westminster works closely with many of London's major employing organizations, and often working practitioners are invited into the University to share their experiences with students. The emphasis on skills development combined with the contribution made by the cosmopolitan mix of students and the atmosphere of London is what makes studying at Westminster different.


The University of Westminster is accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency, whose standards of quality assurance are recognized internationally.

Teaching Model

The University of Westminster operates on the British teaching model, where students attend classroom modules that combine lectures with a greater amount of independent study than is typically common in the United States. Instruction is in English.

Programs Hosted

Westminster study abroad programs

Host City Description

London is one of the undisputedly great cities in the world and a phenomenal location for study abroad. It is hard to have enough hours in the day to manage everything that London has to offer outside of the classroom: world-class museums, art, cinema, theater and architecture, energetic politics and culture and fantastic restaurants and nightlife.

Overall, London is one of the top three metropolitan environments in the world, along with New York and Tokyo, and should appeal to students searching for an intense, fast-paced experience.