University of Paris IV (Sorbonne) - Paris, France

The University of Paris IV (often known as the Sorbonne) was founded in 1253 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. The Sorbonne has over 25,000 students, including several thousand international students from around the world.

Global Semesters students attend the Cours de Langue et Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne, an institute that teaches French language and culture to thousands of international students annually. It is probably the best-known academic French language program in the world.


The University of Paris IV is an official state institution monitored by the French Ministry of Education.

Teaching Model

The teaching model has a heavy emphasis on language instruction, including grammar and phonetic training. Depending on their language level, students additionally attend a variety of content seminars focused on cultural and societal issues.

Programs Hosted

France study abroad programs


Host City Description

Paris is justifiably famous for being a vibrant, beautiful and cosmopolitan city with world-class museums, art, culture, businesses, nightlife and restaurants. Paris also benefits from an impressive metro system that makes it very feasible for students to explore all of central Paris. The 5th arrondissement, where the Sorbonne is located, is in the Latin Quarter which has a large and active student population and is located in the heart of the city.

Overall, Paris is very much an urban environment that will appeal most to those looking for a big-city, fast-paced experience.