Unique Programs

We have no interest in duplicating other existing study abroad programs.

All of our study abroad programs are first-and-foremost academic experiences. Because we are very passionate about the value of developing international awareness and intercultural competencies, we make sure that our programs utilize an effective integration of traditional classroom structure and experiential education which utilizes the local resources and justifies the use of on-site education, while maintaining the high academic standards expected by U.S. accredited institutions.

Many study abroad programs include a weekend excursion or a cultural experience at some point during the experience. Few programs make travel and cultural experiences an integral part of the program. Almost all our programs include a level of educational travel that is unmatched among study abroad programs. We want to take our students outside of the classroom to experience first-hand the places, people and institutions that they are studying and work hard to make these meaningful experiences for students.

Our programs are designed to not only offer a summer or semester abroad, but a life-changing experience.

Integrated Academics

Because we are a university, we have the expertise in-house to allow us to work closely with our accredited host institution partners to develop exclusive and unique programs that you cannot find from any other study abroad organization.

Our programs combine the best of both worlds - a traditional immersion experience in a host university along with extensive global, regional or local travel and intercultural experiences - to show, first hand, what is being studied in the classroom.

Extensive Travel and Experiences

We know of no other programs that combine traditional classroom experiences (and contact hours) with the amount of international travel that some of our programs contain. We schedule the travel component of our programs to enhance the academic and personal experience of the students without disrupting the traditional classroom work.

Our Semester in Europe is an example of a unique program that is unmatched in the study abroad industry. Utilizing a traditional host institution immersion approach to study abroad, we enhance it with a themed focus (interdisciplinary perspective of the European Union), and extensive relevant co-curricular travel to approximately 19 cities in 9 European countries, above and beyond the traditional academic semester.