Transfer Credit

How It Works

Your home institution (university) makes the final decision regarding how many credits will transfer from your study abroad program and how they will be treated (e.g. major credit, elective credit, etc).

The following three-part process will help guide you through the process of securing your transfer credit approval.

Our advisors have helped students at hundreds of home institutions with the credit transfer process.  Please work with them early in the process or Request Assistance at any time.

1. Before The Program (Pre-approval)

  • As early as possible, speak with us to learn about potential course options on the program that you are interested in. We can provide the syllabi and course descriptions that you might need to receive course pre-approval.
  • Make an appointment with your study abroad office and academic advisor to review your course options.  Make your appointment early as advisor schedules are often very busy as deadlines approach.
  • Receive a signed pre-approval form from your home university. We strongly recommend that you receive pre-approval for more courses than you plan to attend.

    As in the United States, courses schedules at host universities can change, scheduling conflicts might occur or you might change your mind about which courses you would like to attend.

  • Complete the Global Semesters Advisor Approval Form that can be found in the Document Download Center (login to Student Explorer required).

2. During the Program

  • Your home institution will require a minimum standard of academic performance in order to grant transfer credit (typically, a "C" equivalent or above), so it is important that you attend class and perform according to the host university's standards and expectations. 

    Your grade is solely determined by your professors and the host university.

  • At some home institutions, while credit does transfer, grades from study abroad do not transfer and study abroad courses are not counted toward GPA calculations. You should ask about the transfer credit policies and procedures of your home institution.

3. After The Program

  • Ensure that we have the name and address of the appropriate person at your home institution who will receive your official transcripts.
  • Take all course material back with you, including syllabi, work completed, essays and examinations, in case it is ever needed.