Host Institution Transcripts:

We maintain regular contact with the Registrar's Office of our host institutions to ensure timely transmittal of official transcripts upon completion of the program.

At most host institutions outside the U.S., transcripts are not processed until approximately 3 months after the completion of an academic term.

It is your responsibility to make sure you let us know who at your home institution should receive your official transcript and what their mailing address is.  Depending on your home institution, it could be the Registrar, Study Abroad Director, Admissions or some other department.

In addition to the official transcript sent to your home institution, you will also receive one unofficial transcript at your permanent address.

Transcripts from the following host institutions will arrive in English:


University of Nicosia
American Business School Paris

University of Westminster
Peking University


Transcripts from the following host institutions will arrive in the local language:


University of Paris IV (Sorbonne) - French
Catholic University of Paris - French
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - Spanish
Universidad de Belgrano - Spanish

Additional Transcripts:

Alumni can order additional official or unofficial transcripts from Global Semesters by sending an email to We will facilitate the process of requesting new transcripts from your host institution.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are original documents sent directly from the host institution. There is a processing fee associated with official transcripts. Please contact us for pricing information.

Please be aware that some foreign host institutions can take several weeks to process an additional transcript request, so plan ahead and order your transcripts in advance if you think you will need additional copies for graduate school or employers. If you require expedited shipping of your transcripts from abroad, there will be an additional cost.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts can be ordered directly from Global Semesters and can be delivered to you electronically (in PDF form). There is a $10 processing fee associated with unofficial transcripts and most requests can be accommodated within 1 week.

Requesting Additional Transcripts

1. In your transcript request email to to, make sure you list the following:

  • How many official transcripts you need
  • Whether you also want an unofficial transcript emailed to you
  • The address where the official transcript(s) should be mailed
  • Whether or not you want expedited shipping service
2. You will receive an email back confirming your request and informing you of the cost for the transcripts you ordered. You will then need to log in to your account and click on "Miscellaneous Payments" to submit your payment online.  Alternatively, you can mail a check with that amount  to GS at the following address:
Attn: Transcripts
P.O. Box 715188
Columbus, Ohio 43271-5188
3. Once the online payment or check has been received and processed, GS staff at the host institution will mail out your transcript and you will receive an email notifying you of the date it was sent along with the tracking number (if applicable). If you requested an unofficial transcript it will be attached to the email.