First Week in Cyprus and My First Blog!


  Howdy! Or should I say Gia Sou! (yah-soo). Wow! Where should I start? I feel like I am wrapping up a family vacation after only one week, but classes haven’t even started. This island has more fun packed in than a clown car. So much, in fact, that I think I might stay!

My arrival to Cyprus was extremely smooth, and I was more than happy to fly through Amsterdam (even though we never left the airport).
       The trip was filled with many languages I didn't understand and a few strange looks (I kept checking and wiping my face, thinking I still had caramel stuck to my lip), however, everyone was very pleasant and more than willing to direct me towards someone who knew more. That is one of the first things I realized when I we first got here. Everyone is so darn nice, like dodge-oncoming-traffic-to-say-that-your-shoes-are-untied-nice. Now if that actually happened I would be more than happy to buy them a Frappe, which, also noticing upon arrival, is a coffee drink that the entire island seems to drink. Seriously, they are obsessed. I saw an 80-year-old woman slamming this Frappe down around midnight and she looked like she was ready for another four. These people love coffee like I love buffalo wings. Anytime, any day, any occasion, it is going to be there.
       After settling in for about a day, we promptly left for Agia Napa, a gorgeous beach on the southeast coast of Cyprus. Here we stayed in a nice little hotel, paid for by Global Semesters and as a college student, I can say thank you very much since my other choice of residence was a hole dug by me on the beach. The first day was all about the beach, so as a large American group, we proceeded to be as loud as possible and enjoy greasy food on the sandy shores. My friend James and I took our fair share of photos.
What a day. Water was perfect and so warm that I kept looking over at my brother Ben, wondering if I had waded into his own ocean water (gross!). But, the beaches were simply awesome and it really made me think about how awesome of a world God gave us.
       Day two of our Agia Napa (Agia is pronounced Uh-yeeuh) included one of the most memorable moments of my cliff-jumping career so far.  After wandering dusty roads, talking to dusty people and almost eating the dust itself due to hunger, we found The Sea Caves, which are home to an awesome 50-foot cliff jump that went into a very safe, deep part of the water (don’t worry parents it was all supervised by a life guard and military members!).
       One thing I learned about myself from this experience was how much I enjoy seeing other people break through barriers. To my surprise, every single person in our group jumped off into the water. Even people who had made up their minds weeks ago ended up plunging into the abyss. We have an extremely supportive group, so supportive in fact that I feel as if I could tell the group about a Beanie-Baby collection I still have and I would not be judged (I promise I don’t). I loved seeing everyone conquer a fear and do something they thought they never would.
       After the Cliff of Safety, we proceeded on to Nissi Beach, the most beautiful beach I have ever been to, and worked on our tans and our beach poses. Mine was the stare off into the distance while I act like I am drying. Locals certainly bested our poses and upon realizing we were outmatched, we left for the hotel. The food in Cyprus is amazing and so, so fresh. Dinner was Lamb Kleftiko, which you must try if you ever come to Cyprus. Oven baked lamb with cinnamon glaze. I honestly would have rather had this lamb for my 12th birthday party than the marble cake I ended up devouring. What a meal. Of course, there is American food, and surprisingly a lot of Mexican restaurants, but Cypriot food is without compare and deserves a mention for their preparation and taste. Anyway, classes start soon so I will be getting ready, but we also have a free week of travel coming up so I think a Frappe is in order for celebration. Much love to my family and anyone reading this and thanks to God for keeping us safe!