Takis Chrysanthou Honored Scholar Award

The Takis Chrysanthou Honored Scholar Award
Global Semesters awards the Takis Chrysanthou Honored Scholar Award to one student each semester. The student must be attending a semester-long program that is home-based in Cyprus. The award winner is selected based on academic merit, expected contribution to the group experience, and financial need.

This award is a $1,000 discount that is credited against program fees, and cannot be combined with other awards from Global Semesters.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship a student must first be accepted into a semester-long Global Semesters program based in Cyprus and then send us the following:

  • a copy of his or her latest FAFSA
  • a list of expected financial aid from other sources
  • an essay, not to exceed 600 words, describing what he or she will contribute to the group experience on the program

Students should mail their award application material to:

Global Semesters
ATTN: Scholarships
228 Park Avenue S #32004
New York, NY 10003 
Application Deadlines
In order for an application to the Takis Chrysanthou Honored Scholar Award to be considered valid, we need to receive all the application materials described above, before the dates below:

  • Spring Semester - October 15th
  • Fall Semester - April 15th

The Takis Chrysanthou Honored Scholar for each semester is selected approximately two weeks after the award application deadline for each semester.