Relevant Themes

We are committed to providing a relevant educational experience to students who will influence, participate in, and shape the future of our global society. Thus, we develop programs focused on themes we believe to be evolving, dynamic and forward-thinking.

We operate study abroad programs where we have deep content expertise and our integrated model requires us to be more than logistical coordinators for students; we understand the subject well enough to integrate co-curricular experiences that enhance and make meaning of our academic programs.

The Mediterranean

It is commonly thought that studying the Classics in the Mediterranean gives students a meaningful perspective of the history of Western Civilization. However, it is just as relevant to study in the Mediterranean to obtain a meaningful perspective of contemporary and future relationships and interactions between the E.U., the U.S., and the Middle East.

The Mediterranean is the birthplace of Western civilization, the touching point of Europe with Africa and Asia and the demographic future of Europe. From the rise of early Christianity to the political future of the E.U., we bring a Mediterranean lens to all of our European programs.

To see our focus on the Mediterranean, please visit our Semester Mediterranean, Summer Mediterranean, Europe, Cyprus, Spain and France programs pages.

Global Business

The globalization of business is the single most important factor in business today. We have first-hand experience in this field and strive to create study programs based on theory and practice that will prepare students for the future of international business.

From London to Bangalore to Shanghai, our programs expose business students to the key issues raised by global competition that they need to understand in today's business environment.

To see our focus on the globalization of business, please visit our Semester in Asia and China Programs pages.

The Americas

Our study abroad programs in the Americas operate in Argentina.

We are continually developing programs in Latin America under the umbrella of the Hispanic Global Alliance, in cooperation with the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (HACU).