The University of Nicosia, in line with its motto "Excellence in Education", is dedicated to both the advancement and dissemination of knowledge through the following:

University of Nicosia Press

University of Nicosia Press (formerly Intercollege Press) constitutes the publishing arm of the University, and aims to further its objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education, through publications covering a broad field of academic areas.  Over seventy book titles have been published since 1994, in addition to several research studies, surveys and analyses, as well as policy papers and conference proceedings. The collection, which includes Greek and English academic publications, focuses mainly on Cyprus – engaging in critical debate on contemporary social, economic and political issues. The University of Nicosia has recently entered into collaboration with PAPAZISIS Press, undertaking a formal partnership which enables the joint publication of academic works, and their wide dissemination (in both Greece and Cyprus) via the respective distribution channels of each publisher. 


The Cyprus Review

The Cyprus Review is a bi-annual, refereed journal published by the University of Nicosia. It focuses on Cyprus, engaging with and commenting on the social, economic and political issues pertinent to the island. The journal was first published in 1989 and enjoys a unique position internationally, recently also becoming available on EBSCO, one of the leading international research database services. Authorship is mainly from local scholars, though the journal regularly hosts contributions from scholars abroad. An Editorial Board composed of local, Cyprus-based scholars, as well as an international Advisory Board, made up of leading names working at institutions in Greece, Britain, France, Germany and the United States, provides the Review with the all-important element of local ownership, while ensuring that the journal meets the highest international standards.

Euromed Journal of Business

In addition to the above, the Business School of the University of Nicosia was central to the establishment of theEuromed Journal of Business (EMJB) – an academic double blind review journal, currently published by Emerald, the world’s leading publisher of management research. The Journal contributes to generating and sharing understanding of different business environments and trends in European and Mediterranean countries. It aims to provide a platform for new ideas in business - the thinking, theory and practice - and a forum for debating issues that arise. In this way, the Journal seeks to provide readers with an updated overview of the emerging business practices and assist, both academics and practitioners, to keep up-to-date with business developments in the countries that make up the region. The Founding Editors and Journal Editors are Professor Demetris Vrontis (Dean of the School of Business, University of Nicosia) and Dr Petros Lois (Head of the Department of Accounting, School of Business, University of Nicosia).