​Required Course:
​Select One Additional Course from the Following List:
Students may select the 4-week option (without internship) or the 6-week option (with internship).
The internship runs the second half of the 6-week program..
You can supplement your course load with a three or six credit-hour internship, which can help enhance your work experience in preparation for post-graduation employment.
Internships are available in businesses of nearly every kind, as well as non-profit and non-governmental organizations. You will be placed at sites within commuting distance that best meet your individual interests, abilities, and academic background.
All internships depend upon a successful interview with the internship host organization, which will take place right after your arrival and orientation.
Internship students are required to participate in a seminar series entitled Learning through Internships. You will have mentors to ensure that you have academic guidance during your internship. You will produce papers, write reflective journals, and make oral presentations examining the real learning that occurs during your program. You will also produce a portfolio at the end of your internship that must meet clear academic criteria in order for you to attain credit for the internship.
NOTE: Internship applicants will have a different program deposit requirement.  There is also an additional charge to transcript the internship for credit.  This charge is based on the number of credit hours of the internship (not included in the program fees).  Internships are accredited through CAPA. For details, please call your Global Semesters advisor.
Students can also take COMM-280: Intercultural Communication. This is a 3-credit, online course offered by the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Students will attend the course online, and the University of Nicosia will issue the transcripts.