Semester in London

London is one of the undisputedly great cities in the world and a phenomenal location for study abroad. Many of our staff have lived in London at some point and we often long to return to this thriving megacity. 

Our Semester in London: International Business program is geared toward the student that wants an interesting International Business-focused curriculum and a significant amount of independence to explore London and the surrounding areas. You will simply not have enough hours in the day to manage everything that London can offer outside the classroom: world-class museums, art, cinema, theater and architecture, energetic politics and culture and fantastic restaurants and nightlife. 

On this study program, you will be directly enrolled in four modules at London Westminster University that can be selected from a list of Business courses. Our academic specialists in the United States can help you navigate the module curriculum at Westminster and select appropriate module options. 

Outside the classroom, we provide our usual support services, including procuring comfortable housing in central London and local cell-phones, having on-the-ground staff available for detailed orientation, questions and emergencies, and providing an exciting set of excursions within London.

There is also an option to substitute one of the courses taken with an academically assessed and credit bearing internship that is administered by Westminster University.