Program Itinerary

Days in Host Country: 30
Days of In-Country Travel: 6-7
Days of Inernational Travel: 9

Program Itinerary:
The program itinerary combines interesting coursework with fantastic site visits and travel. 

Detailed Itinerary
Please download the PDF file below to view a detailed itinerary for this program
Cyprus-Based Programs - Summer 2020 Program Itinerary



Ayia Napa

Summer in the Mediterranean Cyprus excursions

5-6 Days

Cyprus is a spectacular place to spend a summer. You ensure that you will not miss any of the key highlights of Cyprus from a cultural, historical or environmental perspective.

NOTE: This is a representative itinerary and is subject to change. Minor changes may occur from semester to semester.

Summer 2020 Dates
The program will start on June 10, 2020 and end on July 17, 2020.
You will receive your confirmed start and end dates upon admission to the program.