Host Institution

Founded in 1968, the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona is one of Europe's best public academic institutions, known throughout the region for its exceptional teaching and research capabilities.
The university currently offers 77 undergraduate courses, 90 doctoral programs and 328 postgraduate and continuing education classes in a wide array of disciplines such as humanities, social sciences, medicine, health sciences, experimental sciences and engineering. Overall enrollment exceeds 43,000 students and the staff consists of 4,200 faculty members and administrative staff.
The UAB consists of three separate campuses: the Sant Pau in downtown Barcelona; the Bellaterra in Cerdanyola del Valles, roughly 30 minutes outside of Barcelona, and; the Sabadell campus, home to the Business and Computer Science schools. Study abroad students will take their courses at either the Sant Pau or Bellaterra campus. 
The Sant Pau campus, only a stone's throw away from Gaudi's Templo de la Sagrada Familia in downtown Barcelona, is home to the UAB's study abroad programs for visiting international students. Courses are held at the Casa de Convales`encia within the grounds of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and which represents one of Catalonia's latest samples of the region's Art Nouveau and Modernist movements. Here, visiting students will take courses in Spanish language and electives taught in English on business, Spanish culture and civilization, and art history, to name a few. Starting in January of 2009, the EUSS Sarri campus, which is located in a wealthy neighborhood of the city only five minutes away from Plaza Catalunya by train, will also host many business content courses taught in English.
Located among nature, the Bellaterra campus hosts most of the UAB's regular students. Visiting students with an intermediate-to-advanced level of Spanish may opt to take courses here in a wide array of academic disciplines with regular Spanish students. Designed as a US-style campus with integrated academic, cultural and social activities, Bellaterra also offers everyone a full range of services and facilities; libraries, a language-learning center, cultural and sports activities, restaurants, gyms, bookshops, and other retail establishments are available to its students.
The Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona is one of Europe's best public academic institutions. It is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science as a degree granting institution of higher learning.