Our Multi Country Programs offer participants a remarkable experience, while living and learning in multiple international locations.  These unique programs offer the opportunity to study abroad in some of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world, while taking university courses from a wide selection of options.  The travel component of the program reinforces each student’s selected academic curriculum through an unprecedented first hand experience.

16 program variations are available which provide an unprecedented educational experience in exciting cities throughout Europe, the Mediterranean or across the Globe.  Locations visited vary by program, but include: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Florence, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Nicosia, Paris, Prague, Rome, Shanghai, Venice and Vienna. 

Participating students will engage in enriching activities and experience local culture, which will enhance their intercultural competencies.   Students will be supported locally by our Resident Director, who will organize cultural activities in each location.  Multi Country Programs are appropriate for a wide range of students with program fees starting at $6,300.