Student Housing

Global Learning Semesters students will be housed in same-sex apartments in downtown Florence. The apartments are fully furnished and functional. The standard layout of the apartments consists of multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms (variable), kitchen, and living/dining room space. The bedrooms range from singles for one occupant, to triple bedrooms. Shared bedrooms room 2 to maximum 4 occupants. In most shared apartments students number 4-6. Kitchens are fully functional, with sufficient utensils, plates and glasses per number of occupants, as well as refrigerators, ovens, stoves and basic cookware.
Though apartments are of the same standard and have similar facilities, they are not alike. They are not all located in the same building, but are all within walking distance to our campuses or the nearest bus route.


Some important points about housing:
Unlike some other study programs, we guarantee housing. Your housing will be available for move-in at the beginning of the program.
Our units are modern, furnished, and include kitchens, lounges and basic amenities (e.g. refrigerator, oven, etc). As is typical of apartment living, not all units are identical as it relates to amenities, furniture and size.
Our base fees are for double-occupancy living (e.g. two students per bedroom). Units might have 1, 2 or more bedrooms.
Students that would like a bedroom of their own can request a single room by paying the single supplement with their program fees. We cannot guarantee availability of single rooms and will refund single supplements if we cannot accommodate a single room request. It is highly unlikely that a student will be able to successfully request a single room after he or she has arrived in Florence.
Room assignment occurs after the participant list for a semester is finalized. We attempt to accommodate reasonable roommate or housing preferences, but make no guarantees that we will be able to do so.
Our units are not supervised residence halls. Students are expected to be capable of mature, independent apartment-style living with their roommates. 
All else being equal, we prioritize housing requests based on the date we receive a student's full payment (earlier is better). This is not an absolute factor, but is used as a "tie-breaker" when needed.