12-15 Credits Earned
This program is based at the Florence University of the Arts, our host institution. All courses are accredited and taught in English by our host institution's regular faculty. Students that successfully complete their coursework will receive a Florence University of the Arts transcript. Students may opt for a transcript of our School of Record - the University of South Florida - at an additional fee.
Students will attend 4-5 courses total. A course in Italian language is suggested, and students need to choose 3-4 English-taught electives from the courses offered during the semester in which you are enrolled. 
All applicants should aim to receive course pre-approval from their home institution. 
Click the link below to see the course descriptions by School and Department:
Course Schedule:
Follow the links below for the course schedules per term:
Lab Fees:

Some courses have specific lab fees that are not included in the program fees. You will get invoiced for these after the add-drop period. This is a list with the courses that have specific lab fees:

Lab Fees for Florence University of the Arts Courses

NOTE: The list is subject to changes. Please contact your Global Semesters advisor for details.
FUA offers different internship programs both for credit, and not for credit. Students can be assigned to external placements or Intern positions within FUA. Students interested in doing an internship should inform their GLS advisor whether they are interested for a for-credit or for a not for-credit internship. They should also submit to GLS their resume and a letter of intent describing what sort of internship they are interested for, and what will they gain from the experience. An interview will follow with the student, before the internship is offered.
Extra-Curricular Activities:
Community Outreach: Conversation Exchange, Community Service, Connecting Cultures, Workshops

Ganzo: an association where students get involved in preparing/serving meals ("back of the house"), or activities for the guests who come to eat at this restaurant ("front of the house")

Italian Family Club

Sports: Volleyball, Soccer

The Gym: Yoga, Pilates, Zumba

Contemporary and Performing Arts: Music, Cinema, Theatre

Explorations: city walks, museum visits, inexpensive day excursions

Blending, the student newspaper/magazine: writing, copy editing, photography, graphic design/layout