6 Credits Earned
All study abroad courses are accredited, taught by our host institution's regular faculty in English, and designed on American standards of higher education. Completed coursework earns the student a transcript from our host institution, the University of Nicosia, which are generally transferable to U.S. colleges and universities.
You can select up to two courses from any University of Nicosia courses being offered during the term in which you are enrolled for a total of 6 credit hours. 
*note that students wishing to take the Special Topics in Anatomy and Clinical Skills course MUST enroll under the Summer in Cyprus: Pre-Med program.
All applicants should aim to receive course pre-approval from their home institution. 
To download a syllabus* and faculty bio for a course in PDF format, please click on a course number. If for any reason a course syllabus file is unavailable online, please contact us to request it.
Course Schedule
Final course schedules are posted shortly before each term begins. You can get an idea of potential courses to be offered by looking at what is usually offered in the summer term:
NOTE: Please filter the form at the following link for the semester of interest - Language 'English', Course Level 'Undergraduate: Bachelor Degree' to see the schedule of courses available to you.
  • Courses designated as Erasmus, and with codes MED, EDUC, SOWK, and BENG are not available to study abroad students.
  • Undergraduate students are only eligible for course numbers 100-499.
  • Practicum courses are approved on a case-by-case basis only.
  • Courses listed as 'Global Semesters' run on an alternative schedule to accommodate our other travel programs. If you are interested in taking a course listed as 'Global Semesters' please contact your program adviser.
Summer in Cyprus students wanting to attend the GS Animal Science, Accounting, and all Health Sciences courses would need to pay the difference to the equivalent GS program.