Summer in Cyprus: Nursing

The Summer in Cyprus: Nursing program allows nursing students interested in healthcare to learn about the differences in health care management, and nursing between the United States and Europe as they relate to provision of care, funding, public health, patient education and legal environment. Classroom work is supplemented by site visits to 5-7 public and private hospitals and clinics in Cyprus.
Nursing students can attend a Practicum in a local private hospital which is a rare opportunity to receive real-life experience in a study abroad environment. 
Cyprus has a well-developed, social-oriented healthcare sector and is an interesting country to explore the differences between the American and European model of health care on a manageable and accessible scale.
This is an excellent program for nursing students, pre-medical students, or students interested in public health and policy.
Please note that program spots for the Practicum are limited to 12 Nursing students.

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