Summer in Cyprus: Int'l Accounting

This summer study abroad program in international accounting offers students the opportunity to examine the differences and similarities between GAAP and IFRS systems and earn academic credit while spending the summer on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. 

Cyprus is the only country in the European Union other than the UK that has historically always been on the Anglo-Saxon accounting system (IFRS). Cyprus has had this system since its inception because it was a British colony. It adopted this system in 1981, while the rest of the EU countries were on the Franco-Germanic system and did not adopt IFRS until 2005; this is an area where Cyprus has more expertise than most of the other EU countries.

Students will select one or two courses from the University of Nicosia summer session and will conduct site visits to major accounting firms on the island. 

You will take courses during the week in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, and you will join us on the weekends for a series of exciting excursions to the most historically interesting and beautiful parts of Cyprus.