Students on this program will attend one course and participate in an assigned internship in the hospitality and tourism industry.
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Required Course:

Students will enroll in the THOM-201 internship course at the University of Nicosia, through the Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management department, and will intern for 10-weeks (8hr shifts, 5 days a week for a total of about 400 internship hours) at a hotel in one of the coastal cities and major tourist destinations in Cyprus, where they will rotate through the following departments: Food & Beverage, Sales & Marketing, Rooms Division.
The main objectives of this 6-credit course are to:

  • familiarize students with the philosophy, mission, organization, culture and management style of the organization at which they are assigned; help students gain competence in performing actual tasks on jobs in their designated areas
  • participate or be exposed to management activities and any management information systems used within the organization
  • involve students with revenue budgeting, forecasting and strategies adopted by their department

The course will consist of:

  • shadowing a supervisor
  • coaching and mentoring by the supervisor
  • participation back of the house and front of the house
  • hands-on experience of functions and customer-facing activities
  • administrative/paperwork related to the function 

Teaching Methods:
Experiential; hands-on; shadowing; peer coaching 
Assessment Methods: 
Reflective paper and supervisor’s report
Upon completion of the internship and the course, students will develop a paper to include the following:

  • internship expectations prior to the experience
  • description of the host organization
  • self-assessment of the internship experience
  • personal reflections for self and career development
  • Interns will typically be assigned work for 36 - 40 hours a week, for ten weeks.  This will amount to approximately 400 total supervised internship hours.

Students will receive a transcript from the University of Nicosia upon successful completion of the THOM-201 course.