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Our Semester in Cyprus study abroad program is based at the University of Nicosia (UNIC), the largest research university in Southern Europe that teaches in English. Students from nearly any major can select from hundreds of courses, including STEM.

The University of Nicosia is #1 in the world for Blockchain and cryptocurrency education, and has leading programs in medicine, international relations, international accounting, architecture, law. Research initiatives are focused on technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality.

Cyprus is the safest country in the world for 15-29 year olds, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is the 3rd-largest island in Mediterranean Europe, with 330 days of sun per year and 20% of Europe's top beaches. Cyprus receives 4 million tourists per year. Beyond tourism, it is amongst the top countries in the world for international accounting, shipping and ship management.

Nicosia was ranked the #1 City of the Future in Europe by the Financial Times (amongst cities of similar size), outranking Oxford, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne, among others.

The Semester in Cyprus program is organically immersive from the start because students take regular university courses with other degree-seeking local and international students from 5 continents, as well as Erasmus students from all over Europe. Over 13,000 students attend the University of Nicosia.

In addition to the academic coursework, students participate in a series of educational trips and cultural excursions within Cyprus. The excursions and cultural events ensure that students visit major cities in Cyprus, develop a relationship with the local culture and enhance their intercultural competencies. This study abroad program is appropriate for a wide range of students.


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