Host Institution

Located in one of the fastest-growing cosmopolitan cities in the world, Shanghai is the financial hub of China and multi-national companies from around the world. 
Our host institution, Fudan University, was founded in 1905, is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary research university ranked among the top 5 universities in China. Its name literally means "heavenly light shines day after day". The main campus is located in downtown Shanghai, complete with modern campus services and amenities, and all the advantages of being very close to the city center.
Fudan consists of seventeen schools (which comprise of sixty six departments) and four independent departments. It has about 44,000 enrolled students, with more than 3,000 international students and approximately 600 short-term international students enrolled in language programs. One of the first few institutions in China to accept international students, language and culture programs have been offered to visiting students since the 1950's.
Visiting students in the language and culture program at Fudan will take classes at the International Culture and Exchange School (ICES) according to their level of Mandarin. 
Fudan University became one of the national elite universities after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Fudan is accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and is one of the top institutions of advanced learning and higher education in China.
In most academic rankings of Chinese universities, Fudan is ranked as the top university in Shanghai and among the top five in China.