Host Institution

The Universidad de Belgrano was founded in 1964 by Dr.Avelino Porto and currently offers more than 45 undergraduate and graduate level degrees to its more than 11,000 local and international students. Its facilities include fully-equipped classrooms, libraries, cafeteria, bookstore and computer labs, most of these housed in a modern building in an upper-middle class residential neighborhood only a few minutes away from Buenos Aires' historic and governmental district.
The University has over 180 exchange and academic cooperation agreements with universities across the world including dual degree programs with universities in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain in business, agronomy and engineering, to name a few. Likewise, they receive dozens of students from all over the United States every semester.  The University typically hosts approximately 2,000 international students each year.
International students attending the Universidad de Belgrano have a wide array of course options depending on their Spanish language level. Students at a beginner level can combine Spanish language courses with content courses taught in English on Argentine and Latin American Studies. Students with an intermediate level may opt to take a Spanish language course and content courses taught in Spanish on topics such as Argentine history, literature, politics and economics. The more advanced student can attend courses offered to Argentine degree-seeking students at the university. Disciplines include architecture, economics, natural sciences, mathematics, health sciences, law, social sciences, humanities, hospitality and tourism, engineering, and information technology.
The Universidad de Belgrano is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education of Argentina as a degree awarding institution of undergraduate and graduate education.