12-16 Credits Earned
Global Learning Semesters is partnered with the Universidad de Belgrano for our Semester in Argentina program. Our host institution is fully accredited and will provide the transcript for students successfully completing academic course work. 
Students enrolled in the program obtain official credit from the Universidad de Belgrano. The semesters last for 16 weeks. 
Course Curriculum:
Students are expected to select 4-5 courses for a total of 12-16 credits from any of the disciplines offered by the Universidad de Belgrano to its general student body.
For a listing by department and to select courses, please visit the following links:
For the English and Spanish courses Syllabi please see the links below:
Students can also take COMM-280: Intercultural Communication. This is a 3-credit, online course offered by the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Students will attend the course online, and the University of Nicosia will issue the transcripts.