Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

We have four models for collaboration with colleges and universities in the education abroad field.

  • Global Partners Program (for our most extensive partnerships)
  • Affiliates (for our ongoing collabortion partners)
  • Custom programs (programs operated on behalf of an academic department or school)
  • Faculty-led programs (programs operated on behalf of a single faculty member) 

Global Partners Program (GPP)

As a comprehensive research-oriented university, the University of Nicosia can engage across multiple dimensions beyond student mobility.  The Global Partners Program is our most comprehensive partner program in education abroad and is focused on the following long-term initiatives:

Education Abroad

  • Partner institutions interested in adopting Cyprus and the University of Nicosia as a long-term base for Mediterranean programs or as a lower-cost English language location, in one or more disciplines
  • Partner universities that can deepen our expertise in Cyprus in oil and gas engineering, geology or marine biology
  • A US partner university for our business study abroad programs worldwide, including our multi-country programs
  • Universities that interested in working with with us across multiple locations.   Greece, Belize, China, India and sub-Saharan Africa are of particular interest

Degree Programs and Others

  • Partnerships in the health sciences. Of particular short-term interest are reciprocal clinical and research partnerships for our School of Medicine and a joint degree partner for online Nursing programs in Greece
  • Institutions interested in participating our online degree programs consortium focused on Africa. We consider Africa to be the area of greatest educational need in the world and are building a multi-university (Cyprus, US, UK) platform to address educational gaps in Africa

These criteria are not meant to be absolute but are general guidelines.   As a general rule, our global partners are in the top 1-2% of our university partnerships in terms of the depth of our mutual involvement and engagement.

GPP Program Model:

Relevant programs are fully pre-approved and courses fully articulated. We will provide detailed student enrollment updates and/or branded student enrollment portals as appropriate.

GPP Billing Model:

We will match your preferred institutional model, but for most Global Partner style programs, we expect that a direct bill model will be most suitable.

GPP Scholarships:

Expanded access to institutional scholarships, specifically with the Polemitis Awards and Polemitis Scholars Programs.

GPP Scholars programs:

Global Scholars Program (for top students): The Global Scholars programs gives access to top students (or graduate/post-graduate students) to opportunities that are capacity constrained (top internships, individual research, individualized programs).

GPP Familiarization Visits:

Annually, either to an existing program site for repeating programs (for program coordination) or across network (for familiarization purposes).

GPP Advisory Committee Membership:

Members of both our general committee and disciplines or geographies will be staffed from Global Partners.

GPP Faculty-Led Programs:

We will support faculty-led programs. In the event of conflicting requests, priority access to staff, classrooms and housing. Will also assist with programs that otherwise might be unviable on a stand-alone basis for us.

GPP Curriculum Integration:

We will customize specific courses or pre-/post coursework to match home university curricular needs.

GPP Research, Conferences, Joint Degrees, Joint Marketing:

We will aim to match up academic departments in relevant areas of mutual interest. The University of Nicosia Global Semesters will pro-actively circulate all relevant academic, research, grant, joint degree and joint marketing opportunities among our Global Partners.

GPP Global Staff & Resources:

The University of Nicosia and Global Semesters have campuses and staff in 19 cities worldwide.  GPP can access those facilities and staff as needed.

GPP AbroadOffice:

Access to AbroadOffice software and support is included.



Affiliates make up the large majority of our ongoing partnerships and our education abroad students.   Our affiliation agreement is a no-risk agreement that unlocks financial benefits for your students (grants, scholarships) and begins the process of working together more closely.

  • Larger groups of students attend one or more existing University of Nicosia study abroad programs
  • Ability to more tightly integrate program academics or activities with home university academic objectives
  • Group cost savings can be passed on to students discounts or used to fund program development activities (faculty visits, etc.)
  • Review courses to ensure fit with departmental objectives
  • Customized material for students (flyers, posters, etc.)
  • AbroadOffice access and support 


Faculty-Led and Custom Programs:

The University of Nicosia (and its university partners) can support faculty-led programs or custom programs in its various locations, including, as needed: academic programming, student support services, enrollment services, invoicing and risk management.

Teaching Facilities:  The University of Nicosia has 400,000 sq. feet of classroom and lab facilities (medical, media, science, engineering, etc.) that are made available for short-term programs in Cyprus and facilities in-house or with partners in 18 additional cities worldwide

Housing:  Student apartments, dorms or hotels near or on the university campus 

Co-curricular activities:  Site visits tailored to program’s academic objectives.   Our experienced program managers handle all site visit arrangements.

Extra-curricular Activities:  Out of town cultural and sightseeing activities every weekend.   Students stay in 3-star hotels and travel by charter bus.  

Program Design: Global Semesters staff will organize and manage all aspects of the program. US faculty (if part of the program) only have to concern themselves with academic aspects.

US-Based Advising and Institutional Support:

  • Students and parents can call our New York office, M-F, 9am-7pm EST with questions
  • Faculty and advisers have 24/7 access to our New York-based institutional staff

Other items included in program administration are:

  • Airport pickup and departure transfer
  • Welcome and graduation dinner
  • 2-day safety and cultural orientation
  • $200,000 student medical insurance with no deductible
  • Political risk / evacuation insurance
  • Use of a cellphone
  • 24/7 local staff support and 24/7 emergency hotline


Custom Programs:

  • Partner with University of Nicosia to offer a custom program on a co-branded or ‘white-label’ basis anywhere in the world where there is mutual interest
  • Program completely customized to your College/University needs (white-label program)
  • Opportunity to earn incremental revenue / reduce costs for own students (if co-branded & open to students from other colleges/universities)
  • Benefit from University of Nicosia’s global in-country and US infrastructure