Mission Statement

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our mission is to prepare North American students to be leaders in an increasingly interconnected world.

Building Competencies

Anyone attending college today will collaborate or compete with people and companies from around the world over the course of his or her career. It is difficult for someone to be effective in this global environment without some intercultural competencies and an awareness of current international issues.


We help students that attend our study abroad programs develop these skills by:

  • Focusing on academic topics that are relevant and timely
  • Taking our students outside the classroom with innovative co-curricular travel and events that are linked to their academic curriculum 
  • Providing a base of local knowledge and logistical support that allows students to make the most of their time abroad
  • Encouraging our students to move out of their comfort zone and meaningfully engage with the host country culture

Improving Access

We believe that most students should have a study abroad experience at some point during college.

This is a far cry from the situation today in the United States.  Currently only about 10% of 4 year college students and 1% of 2 year college students study abroad. These figures are even lower for minority and lower income students.

We invest a significant amount of our time and resources in improving access to study abroad.

Specifically, we:

  • Aim to maintain affordable study abroad options within our network of programs
  • Are providing meaningful levels of financial support to promote diversity in study abroad
  • Are helping US colleges and universities build their capabilities in study abroad, particularly in terms of advising and supporting their students