Independent Travel

Travel to Your Program Location:

For most Global Semesters programs, you are responsible for airfare to and from your home city and your program location. Once the program start and end dates are released by your local program coordinator, you should start looking for tickets to and from your destination.
We have found that in addition to the specific airlines that fly to your destination, travel aggregator sites can also have reasonable fares. Note that you should check multiple websites as the inventory and prices can vary by website.


For Cyprus based programs, Cyprus is served by most European airlines. The following airlines have the most weekly flights.


The correct airports for arrival / departure at each destination are the following:
Barcelona Programs: Barcelona Airport (BCN)
Beijing Programs: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
Buenos Aires Programs: Buenos Aires Airport (BAI)
Cyprus Programs:  Larnaca Airport (LCA)
Florence Programs: Florence Airport (FLR)
London Programs: London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
Paris Programs: Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG)
Shanghai Programs: Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)
If you are attending a Global Semesters program and have been required to obtain a visa to participate in the program, you are solely responsible for understanding the parameters of your visa as they relate to your independent movement and travel to and from the host country and to and from other countries, and any other special circumstances. Global Semesters cannot advise on immigration policy or visa stipulations for any locations.
Independent Travel

In all our programs, students have free, unstructured time where they can choose their own activities. These activities can include local activities in their home city, domestic travel in their host country or international travel to other countries.
Most students on our programs engage in some independent travel, either in country or to other countries. Often, this independent travel can be among the most rewarding experiences of the program. Students can discuss popular locations with their program coordinators and classmates.

Independent Travel Safety
We are often asked by students and parents if a certain student's travel plans are "safe". This unfortunately is an unanswerable question - there are no activities in the world that are 100% safe - and we cannot give assurances that any activity, from a taxi ride to the airport to travel to a developing country, is "safe".  Furthermore, safety during independent travel depends also to a large degree on the individual student. What might be safer for an experienced and mature traveler, might be less safe for an inexperienced and immature one 
Given this, the judging the suitability and safety of any independent activity or travel rests solely with the student and we encourage students to use as many resources as possible to make their decisions from the guidance of the US State Department, local and international news reports and the judgments of those familiar with local conditions.
We and our local program directors may share our personal knowledge or understanding of a given situation but this information is not meant to be exhaustive or conclusive and cannot replace the student's own research and decision about the suitability of a given activity.  We explicitly disclaim any responsibility for a student's independent travel and activity decisions.  
Though any specific staff member may recommend against activities that he or she believes are particularly risky, this is just a personal opinion and the absence of a recommendation against an activity does not constitute an explicit or implicit endorsement on our part of that activity.