Financial Aid

Though financing a semester or summer abroad can seem challenging at times, there are many financing options available for our students. If you are not planning to pay for your study abroad with personal or family funds, you should begin exploring the sources of financial aid below immediately.

We strongly encourage you to give us a call at 212 321 0921 x1 or submit a question through your online account if you plan on using financial aid to pay for your study abroad. Our counselors have experience in helping our students secure financing and can help you decide which options might be most suitable for you.

Federal Financial Aid

If you are eligible for federal financial aid at your home institution, you can often use it for our program, depending on the policies of your home institution. We are generally willing to enter into consortium agreements with your home institution if they are needed to process financial aid.

If you anticipate needing to use federal financial aid for our program, you need to speak with your financial aid office and with us as soon as possible to ensure adequate time for administrative procedures.

Institutional Aid

Your college or university may offer its own institutional aid that can be used for external study abroad programs. Policies in this area vary widely from school to school, but it is definitely an option worth exploring with your home institution.


Study Abroad Loans

There are many private study abroad loan options available.  Please call one of our student advisors at (877) 300-7010, ext 1 to learn more.

One study abroad loan provider that our students have used successfully in the past is

Private/Third Party Financial Aid

Private financial aid and third-party loans can be used to pay for our program. Depending on the source of the aid, it might be processed through your home institution or disbursed directly to you.