Drugs and Alcohol

We want your study abroad experience to be fun, enjoyable and safe. We therefore encourage you in the strongest terms to act sensibly when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

The key elements of our policy are: 

Drug Use

  • We do not tolerate drug use on our programs. If you are caught violating our drug policy, you will be expelled from our program
  • Drug use of all types is illegal in practically every country we will visit
  • The penalties for drug use in some countries can be more severe than the United States and could include deportation, fines and jail time
  • There is very little we, or the American embassy, can do in the event you are caught breaking the drug laws of a country we are visiting. At a minimum, your semester abroad will be ruined and it could be much worse
  • Do not bring drugs or purchase drugs while on our program!

Alcohol Use

  • Unlike the United States, alcohol can be legally purchased by people over the age of 18 in almost every country we host programs in or travel to
  • In this light, we would like to point out a few things:
    • You will be in unfamiliar settings. Alcohol can lead to you to make poor and unsafe judgments
    • In most countries outside of the United States, drunkenness is frowned upon and is socially unacceptable
  • The safest decision is always not drink.
    Our programs combine considerable travel and academic instruction through unfamiliar terrain. It is important for your safety and the group's ability to function for you to be well-prepared, rested and alert.
  • If your alcohol use proves disruptive or unsafe to you or the group, you will be expelled from our program
  • Do not under any circumstances drink and drive or accept a ride from anyone else that has been drinking!
    We will inform you of local taxi services in your host country that will be available to pick you up. In other countries, we will let you know how to find safe transportation at all times
  • If you choose to drink, follow sensible drinking habits, including:
    • not drinking on an empty stomach
    • not drinking if you are feeling tired or ill
    • alternating alcohol drinks with non-alcoholic drinks like water or juice
    • limiting yourself to 2-3 drinks in a night at most
    • having a friend with you in case you have difficulties
    • not drinking during periods when we are traveling vigorously

Our philosophy is to treat you as responsible adults and allow you to explore the countries we are visiting.

We will inform you of local norms and customs and give you the resources need to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Beyond that, we look to you to be sensible and not use drugs and to either not use alcohol or use it in a limited, moderate and responsible manner.