Do More

Global Semesters programs are structured to encourage students to involve themselves in their own learning.

We believe that students will take away more from their study abroad experience if they are challenged and supported in making meaning of their international opportunities. We strive to provide programs where students do and see more in their host culture than they would studying elsewhere.

For the student who wants to get the most out of a semester or summer experience (and has the energy to keep up with us), our programs are ideal.


We ascribe to the saying “you get out of it, what you put into it.” We encourage students to invest themselves in this experience and thus get more out of it. A term abroad inevitably takes more energy than a typical term on your home campus.

Similar to a typical first semester in college when students are exhausted by learning their way around campus, meeting new people, understanding the academic policies and procedures, navigating the administrative structure, and adapting to new housing, food, shopping, entertainment options, a study abroad experience is almost non-stop learning and adjusting.


Our study abroad programs are NOT for the complacent or the couch-potato. Students comment that it is hard to fit into a day (and a semester) abroad all the experiences they would like to participate in. We encourage students to exercise their curiosity and take advantage of the opportunities in their study abroad host city and region.

A term with us is intensive academically and personally. Our academic schedules, travel schedules, and expectations all require active engagement and energy from participants.


We encourage students to:


  • Actively develop mature and independent travel skills
  • Involve themselves beyond the tourist experience
  • Engage in extensive and meaningful travel and cultural experiences outside of the classroom, without subtracting or detracting from academic standards, expectations and responsibilities
  • Integrate as many local and international experts as possible so they begin to build a network of resources useful in their chosen field of endeavor
  • Explore the interdisciplinary nature of themes, topics, academic fields, career goals, international experiences and relationships, bridging the goals of a classic liberal education with the objectives of academic disciplines
  • Immerse themselves in the local culture and not accept an exclusive social life marginalized from the local community