Calling all Engineers! Semester in Engineering Now Open Fall 2016

6 Cities in 1 Countries
Semester in Cyprus: Engineering

Engineers CAN study abroad! Now accepting applications for Semester in Cyprus, Semester in the Mediterranean and Semester in Europe: Custom for STEM students! Click here for details.

What would you do with $500?

Procrastinating is awesome but not when you lose out on $$$.

The early deadline to apply and get your deposit in for your Summer or Fall program is January 15th. Another way to say it is the deadline is 2 days away.
A minimalist would say - soon.

Get your application and deposit in before the 15th:
For Fall programs - save $500
For Summer programs - save $250

Barcelona anyone?

Barcelona, Spain
Semester in Barcelona: Spanish Language & Culture

Study abroad in Fall 2016.  Applications open now. Ask about our Cultural Diversity Initiative!

Get Started!

Summer in the Mediterranean:Travel to Cyprus, Greece, and Italy in one Semester!

9 Cities in 3 Countries
Summer in the Mediterranean

Study in Cyprus and visit Greece and Italy during the Summer 2016 program! Apply now!Get Started!

Semester in Europe: Art, Business,Int'l Relations or Jewish Homelands!!!

Visit 20 cities in 11 European countries in Fall 2016! Apply now!Get Started!

Pre-Med, Health Sciences and Nursing Summer 2016 Programs Now Open!

6 Cities in 1 Countries
Summer in Cyprus: Pre-Med

Practicum options available. Apply here.

New Programs for Fall 2016: Pre-Med/Biology

6 Cities in 1 Countries
Semester in Cyprus: Pre-Med/Biology

New programs available in Pre-Med/Biology for Fall 2016 - click here for details.