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Global Business Semester

Global Business Study Abroad Program Itinerary

Program Itinerary

The travel itinerary of this program will take you from the financial districts of London to the chaos of New Delhi; from the gleaming skyscrapers of Shanghai to the historic heart of Paris. As a business undergraduate academic study abroad program, we believe it is completely unique.

In addition to weekend excursions and field exercises in Cyprus, during the semester there are two breaks from classes so that students can travel to Asia and Europe for about 4 weeks. During these educational trips, students visit leading companies in the United Kingdom, France, India and China in order to get a first hand look at the forces shaping global business today. We will hear from the inside how investment banks, management consulting firms, business services outsourcers and manufacturers are adapting to a world of globalization.

New: See a picture gallery from the Fall Global Business Semester trip to Asia.

Key Travel Locations

London, Paris, New Delhi, Agra, Bombay, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and major cities in Cyprus.

Days in Host Country: 94 (spring), 74 (fall)
Days of International Travel: 24

Trip 1: Europe*
Spring Dates: Mid March - Late March
Fall Dates: Early November - Mid November
Duration: 7 days
Countries: England (3 days), France (4 days)
Cities: London, Paris

Trip 2: Asia
Spring Dates: Mid April - Early May
Fall Dates: Late September - Mid October
Duration: 17 days
Countries: India (8 days), China (9 days)
Cities: Agra, Bombay, New Delhi, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai (2-3 days in each)

NOTE: Itineraries are subject to change.  
*Paris/London may be substituted with Greece/Italy itinerary (see: Global Semester: World Cultures Europe leg) depending on group size and other factors.

Representative Site Visits

Fall 2013 Itinerary

To download a detailed Program Itinerary please click on the link below:

Cyprus-Based Programs - Fall 2013 Program Itinerary

Spring 2014 Itinerary

To download a detailed Program Itinerary please click on the link below:

Cyprus-Based Programs - Spring 2014 Program Itinerary



Study Abroad London

London has been one of the world's most global cities for centuries and remains the financial capital of Europe. It is also a leader in outsourcing, particularly to India.


Study Abroad Paris France

Paris provides a continental counterpoint to the UK and is an interesting study of contrasts in business styles.


New Delhi

Study Abroad India

New Delhi is the heart of India administratively, a historical gem, a business hub and a city of unending energy and chaos. We will visit the new business suburbs of Gurgaon as well as the old Mogul monuments like the Red Fort and the governmental center of India.


Study Abroad Programs in India

While the focus on our program is business, we would be remiss if we did not stop in Agra to see what is one of the most perfect buildings in the world


Study in India

The financial capital of India, home to many industries and one of the most important and fast-growing global cities.


Study in Shanghai China

The busiest construction site in the world, Shanghai is reinventing itself at a breathless pace.


Study Abroad Program in Beijing China

The capital of China, historically and today, Beijing combines a great heritage with a sprawling, modernizing metropolis.

Hong Kong

Study Abroad in Hong Kong

A historic British colony, Hong Kong retains great importance as a financial center in Asia.