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Semester in Barcelona: Business

Curriculum & Faculty for Business in Barcelona Study Program

Curriculum and Faculty

Global Learning Semesters is partnered with the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona for our Semester in Barcelona: Business program. Our host institution is fully accredited and will provide the transcript for students successfully completing academic course work.
The semesters last between 16-17 weeks and every course is worth 3 credits (45 class hours).

Course Curriculum

The study abroad program includes a wide array of business content courses for students to choose from that allow them to focus on their academic interests.

Students can take 45-hours (3 credits) of Business Spanish and choose 3-4 other content courses in English depending on their preference of concentration. In order to be able to take the Business Spanish and the Strategies of International Marketing courses, students need to pass the Online Spanish Language test.


List of Courses offered

Business Courses in Spanish

Business Spanish (3 credits)

Electives in English (choose 3-4)

Strategic Behavior in Business and Economics (3 credits)
Cross-Cultural Management (3 credits)
International Economics (3 credits)
International Business (3 credits)
International Finance (3 credits)
International Marketing Strategies (3 credits)
Strategic Management of the Firm (3 credits)
Managing Services (3 credits)
Understanding the European Economy (3 credits)
E-Commerce and Online Businesses (3 credits)
Doing Business in Emerging Markets (3 credits)
Politics, War and Economics (3 credits)
Managerial Skills for International Business (3 credits)
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (3 credits)
The Creative Economy (3 credits)
Behavior Incentives in Economics: The case of soccer (3 credits)
The Political Economy of European Integration (3 credits)
Business in Action: Local Companies in a Global World (3 credits)
Human Resources Management (3 credits)

Class Schedule

Please check the following link for a class schedule:

Spring 2014 Academic Calendar
Spring 2014 Course Timetable

Fall 2014 Academic Calendar
Fall 2014 Course Timetable


Students can also take COMM-280: Intercultural Communications. This is a 3-credit, online course offered by the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Students will attend the course online, and the University of Nicosia will issue the transcripts.

Placement Test

Students must take a standard language placement test in order to be assigned correctly to their appropriate level. This needs to be done before your arrival to Barcelona.

Please check the following link for information:

Instructions for the Spanish level test Spring 2014


The UAB study program has a great number of professors, both Spanish and foreign, who teach in the different academic fields offered by the university. Many of our professors have studied, researched or worked in the United States, so they know the profile and the academic needs of the students very well. The class environment is dynamic and relaxed, which enables and facilitates student participation.