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Semester in Barcelona: Business

Study in Barcelona, Spain

Host Country & City

Spain is consistently one of the most popular locations for study abroad and we can understand why. The light, the colors, the food, the architecture and the people are all painted in broad, vibrant strokes. Spain is a diverse country located in Mediterranean Europe and together with Portugal and Andorra, makes up the Iberian Peninsula.

Castle in Barcelona Sagrada Familia Church

The history of Spain extends back through the centuries with Phoenicians, Greeks, Celts, Romans, Visigoths and Moors all playing a role in shaping Spanish culture. Spain became a world power in the 16th century when it extended its presence to the Americas. After a tumultuous period which included a civil war, Spain became a constitutional monarchy in 1978 and a member of the European Union in 1986. Today, Spain is a developed country with one of the largest economies in Europe.

With great beaches, fun nightlife, many cultural regions, beautiful national parks, traditional festivals and historic cities, Spain makes a great destination for any kind of trip. Spain has hundreds of interesting cities. Some of the major travel destinations include the capital Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba, Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, Valencia and Granada.


Barcelona, host to several of our Spain-based study abroad programs, is a lively and culturally-rich Mediterranean city in the southeastern Spanish province of Catalonia. This eclectic coastal metropolis is an excellent place for students to improve their Spanish language skills, immerse themselves in the dynamic Catalonian lifestyle, and explore Spain's majestic Costa Brava and its environs.

As Spain's second largest city and one of the Mediterranean's most important ports, Barcelona is full of opportunities for each and every one of its visitors. Here, students can learn about Catalonia's success in the services, tourism and construction sectors, indulge in Antoni Gaudi's surrealist architecture, catch an exhibit at one of the city's many distinguished art museums, watch the latest South American or European soccer prodigy tear it up at Camp Nou stadium, take leisurely strolls along its pristine beaches, and enjoy an afternoon coffee by the famous pedestrian passage of Las Ramblas. It's no wonder the city receives thousands of study abroad participants on a yearly basis.

Barcelona is also an excellent starting point for exploring the rest of Europe. Boasting Spain's second largest airport, visitors can fly out off Barcelona to virtually any location in Europe, usually for affordable rates in low-fare airlines. Likewise, the city is extensively interconnected by air, ground and maritime transportation services to most of Spain's major cities and tourist destinations.

Overall, Barcelona, with its welcoming Mediterranean feel, unique architectural style and striking array of cultural activities, is a prime destination for students in search of a wondrous experience abroad.