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This section consists of articles related to study abroad, the organization and implementation of study abroad programs, best practices and the development of a study abroad office.

How to Choose an Appropriate Study Abroad Program
It is important that students choose an appropriate study abroad program to get the most out of an international experience. Because there are a variety of program types, structures, locations, and requirements, it is worth the time and effort it takes to find a study program that meets your individual academic and personal needs.

How is Education Abroad Related to the College/University Mission Statement
It is important to draw justification for a study abroad program from the college/university mission statement. Look for excerpts from mission statements and senior level administration for internationalizing the curriculum, developing students with a global perspective, preparing students for a global workforce, etc.

Why Not Cyprus for Study Abroad?
The number of U.S. students studying abroad seems to be increasing significantly on an annual basis. Although there is not adequate research to understand why, the anecdotal evidence would suggest that this generation of "Millenial" students realize the primary need of understanding others that are different than themselves to achieve success in business, politics, and general global welfare.

Why Cyprus for Study Abroad
I'd like to look at the potential for U.S. college students to study abroad in Cyprus and discuss the relevance of students and Study Abroad Advisors exploring Cyprus as a relevant and meaningful study abroad destination.

Development and Maintenance of Quality Study Abroad Options
It is important to understand international education best practices as you make decisions about which study abroad options your office will promote, support, approve, and/or affiliate with. What are the priorities of your institution and how do those priorities fit with various study abroad options?